The key to making sure your heating and cooling system has a long, happy life with minimal repairs is to have the right equipment installed the right way by the right company. Regular maintenance can then extend the life of your equipment, keep it running efficiently, and enable us to identify a potential problem before it turns into a system failure at the worst possible time.

Maintenance Could Be a Warranty Requirement

Another reason for ongoing maintenance of your heating and cooling system is to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. Warranties often require you to have your system installed by a licensed contractor and serviced regularly. If you don’t and something goes wrong, the manufacturer could void the warranty and you could get stuck with the repair bill.

No Contract Required

You can avoid most headaches by scheduling two maintenance appointments per year — one for the heat in the fall/winter, and one for the air conditioning in the spring/summer. As a courtesy, we’ll get in touch via email to remind you to schedule maintenance appointments. But we don’t require customers to sign maintenance contracts. That’s just not how we operate. We’re confident that most of our customers will take our advice and schedule regular maintenance because they see the value in preservation over restoration.

Regular Maintenance or Emergency Repair? Easy Choice.

Which costs more and is more inconvenient – an oil change or repairing an overheated engine? The same principle applies to your heating and air conditioning system. Just like you don’t want to be stuck on the side of road with smoke coming out of your car, you don’t want your family to be shivering under blankets when the heat goes out in the middle of winter.