Geothermal Systems

A geothermal system uses the consistent temperature from deep within the earth to heat and cool a building. These systems have been saving homeowners and businesses money for years. There are also federal tax credits in place to assist with the installation costs.

In our area, the temperature outside fluctuates dramatically with the seasons. But deep in the ground, the temperature is a fairly consistent 50 degrees. Geothermal systems—typically comprised of a compressor or heat pump unit, a liquid heat exchanger and an air delivery system—take advantage of this consistent temperature with a water-based fluid that circulates through a buried loop system.

For heating, geothermal systems transfer heat in the earth to a refrigerant and distribute it into your home via a forced-air or hydronic system.

For cooling, the process is reversed: The heat is removed from your home and transferred to the refrigerant and back into the earth.

Geothermal is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling system available. Additionally, a U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory study concluded that geothermal systems are more efficient and cost effective than conventional residential heating methods.

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Try this handy cost calculator to see how much you could save with a geothermal system.